Tuition & Fees

The DULA makes every effort to keep students costs to a minimum. Please note that Dongguk University Los Angeles reserves the right to change all fees and charges, including tuition, in anytime without notice.

Tuition and fees for international students are the same as for domestic students.

If you have any questions regarding tuition and fees, please contact our Front Office at

Hours of Operation: 9:00am – 6:30pm, Monday – Friday.

Phone Number: (213) 487-0110             Fax Number: (213) 487-0527

Master’s Program (MSOM) Tuition & Fees

The estimated cost of tuition for Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) at Dongguk Univeristy Los Angeles is $47,685. This estimate includes all the required tuition, fees, textbook, supplies and clinical malpratice insurance costs. There will be costs such as transportation, room and board, and etc., for which the student is responsible, that are not stated below.

Tuition and fees for international students are the same as for domestic students.

Tuition and fees listed in published schedules or student accounts are subject to change without notice.

MSOM Program Tuition
Didactic (course) instruction $155 per unit
Clinic Instruction $11 per clinic hour
Total Tuition $43,575
  • Supplies / Kits
  • Textbooks
  • DULA Lab Coat / Scrubs
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Professional Doctorate Program (DATM) Tuition & Fees

Students enrolling in the Professional Doctorate (DATM) program will be dual enrolled in the MSOM as well as the DATM program. The curriculum consists of two parts:

  • Master of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM) program coursework: 213 didactic units and 48 clinical units
  • Plus additional coursework at the advanced, doctoral level: 30 didactic units (300 didactic lecture hours) and 2 clinical units (40 clinical hours)
DATM Program Tuition
MSOM Didactic instruction & Clinic tuition total (see above) $43,575
Advanced Didactic (course) instruction: 700-800 level courses $315 per unit
Advanced Clinic instruction $18 per clinic hour
Total Tuition $53,745
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Fees (nonrefundable)
Application Fee (New Student) $100
Late Application Fee (New Student) $0
International Student Processing Fee $100
I-20 re-issue and/or extension processing, OT, etc. $50
Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee (Prior to Matriculation) $100
Transfer Credit Evaluation Fee (During Matriculation) $50 / course
Quarterly Registration Fee $50
Late Didactic Class Registration Fee
(After the end of official didactic class registration period)
(Quarterly Registration Fee $50 + Late Fee $100 = Total $150)
Add Class After Official Registration Period $0
Drop Class
(from the first day of new academic quarter)
$20 / Each Class
Changing Clinic Shifts (adding, changing, dropping)
After the End of the Official Clinic Registration Period
$20 / Each Shift
Mid-Curriculum Exam (MCE) – Initial / Retake $50
Comprehensive Graduation Exam (CGE) – Initial / Retake $100
Special Condition of Scheduled CGE Fee $350
Makeup Final Exam $100 / Exam
Challenge Exam 50% of tuition
Class Audit Fee Free for 1st time, then 50% of tuition
Course Incompletion / Grade Change $50
Graduation Fee (Including Commencement, Photo and Gowns) – MSOM and DAOM $200
DAOM Capstone Review Fee $100
Quarterly Clinic Malpractice Insurance Fee $55
Student / Clinic ID Card $10
Quarterly Facility and Technology Fee $50
Certificate of Attendance $10 (Express $15)
Certificate of Graduation $10 (Express $15)
Certificate of Clinical Training $5 (Express $10)
Certificate of Letter $5
Certificate of Patient Log (Including Notarization Fee) $60
Clean Needle Technique Certificate Re-issue $5
Diploma Re-issue $100
Official Transcript $15
Unofficial Transcript $10
Tuition Verification $10 (Express $15)
Parking $50 / Academic Quarter ($5 / Day)
Returned Check Charge $25
Late Payment Fee Without Prior Installment Agreement $100 / Each Deadline
Installment Payment $20 / Each Payment
Late Installment Payment Fee With Prior Installment Agreement $50 / Each Deadline
Quarterly Student Association Fee $0
Deposit Upon Notification of Acceptance $0
Fax Service – Domestic (Charged Per Page) $1
Fax Service – International (Charged Per Page) $3
Scanning Service $3
Mailing Service (Domestic and Certified) $5
Mailing Service (International) Cost + $5 Handling Fee
In-resident Housing Not offered
Student Tuition Recovery Fund (STRF) Fee $0.00 / $1000