Dongguk Mission Statement

The mission of Dongguk University Los Angeles is to:

  • Explore and embody the principles and practices of traditional East Asian medicine.
  • Develop a community of skilled medical practitioners.
  • Provide accessible health care services to the local community.

Master’s Program Educational Objectives

To train healers who are able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and historical contexts of oriental medicine.
  • Apply this understanding to accurately diagnose patients.
  • Utilize bio-medical diagnostic methods and refer to other practitioners as appropriate.
  • Competently plan, perform, assess, and adjust acupuncture treatments for common conditions and patterns.
  • Competently prescribe and modify herbal formulas for common conditions and patterns.
  • Embody and advise on healthy lifestyle choices, and
  • Identify, define, and model best practices for professional success.