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Integrative Practice series presents system-based medicine, focusing on commonly treated disorders within the system. The courses will include competencies in interdisciplinary, integrative, and pragmatic approaches. For each system, anatomy, physiology, and pathophysiology of each system will be discussed as integrated western and eastern medicine perspective, as well as red flags. The principle of comprehensive diagnostic approach will be presented, followed by a discussion of treatment strategies and protocols including acupuncture treatments, herbal and nutritional treatments, as well as western medicine treatment options. Within each system, common disease will be presented more in detail.

PD704: system-based medicine of endocrine and metabolic disorders, gastroenterology, hemato-oncology and immunology, dermatology and psychological disorders.

PD 704 will be split into 4 dates totaling 40 CEU Units

  • 12/16 – 12/19/2021 (each day 9 am – 9 pm) Course: PD704 Integrative Practice 2 Instructed by: TBA

Tuition fee: $200 per 10-CEU courses / Total: $800

Ceu Coordinator: Jacy Davis LAc.

Contact: Ceu@dula.edu