DAOM Students will complete 640 total hours of didactic training including 300 hours of the core curriculum training. Core courses serve as a foundation to prepare students to cope with the rigors and focus of the DAOM.

Important competencies such as case study and presentation preparation, methods of consultation and collaboration, skills of clinical supervision, professional development, clinical evaluation, leadership, and research are introduced and discussed in detail. Skill and competencies in advanced patient assessment, diagnosis and advanced clinical intervention are taught and applied.

Biomedical and TCM experts will lecture in specialty training courses providing DAOM Students advanced knowledge and skill in assessment and disease etiology.  DAOM Students are expected to gain consultation and collaboration skills and to build professional relationships with physicians and other healthcare professionals. Students progress through the program in a modular cycle of coursework. Course descriptions and prerequisites are listed in the catalog. Progression in the doctoral program distributes academic and clinical coursework uniformly over two years. The program allocates adequate time to complete the requirements of the program while supporting the purpose and educational objectives of the program.